Lessons from the Bird in the Tree

selfBe yourself …they say
Do your thing …they say
Put your best foot forward …they say
Let your light shine …they say
Don’t worry about the naysayers …they say

The world needs that special gift that only you have …they…
…well, ok, Marie Forleo says that

Yes, “they” say a lot.

Sometimes encouraging words can help lift us to push forward.But sometimes detracting words can help to deflate our drive.

Doing Your Own Thing

When you start doing your own thing, people will have their opinions of what you’re doing. One way to not let the naysayers get you down is to become detached from the effects of people’s opinions. It doesn’t mean give up and don’t talk to anybody and be a hermit. Just change your default reaction to other people’s comments. If bad comments come your way?  Be detached from them.

But also…
If good comments come your way – Also be detached as the default.

After recognizing good comments, sure, you can soak them in after the fact, but still keep a detachment.


Because the core reason for doing your own thing is you.
Not what other people think.
Not to get good comments.
To make yourself better.
To improve.
To make the world around you a better place.

So yes, even if a good comment comes your way, sure, enjoy it, soak it in some.  But be detached just enough so that your reason for motivation is inside you and don’t be dependent upon what other people think.

The Bird in the Tree

An analogy paraphrased from Elliot Hulse.

So early one morning, the sun is rising and way up in the tree, a tiny bird is just singing its little bird heart out.  Chirping it’s melody that anybody can hear.

A person passing by hears the bird singing.  This person really likes the bird’s song.  And the person exclaims,

“Oh bird, thank you so much for your melody, I just love your chirping bird-voice and the song that you sing!  Your singing has truly made my day!”

[Sidenote:  So we’re not in a Disney movie where birds talk or anything, this is reality.  Go out one morning, find a bird that’s singing a beautiful song, and tell the bird what you think of the song, then come back here and report what the bird replied to you.]

So yeah, the bird…the bird doesn’t care that the person heard the song.  The bird doesn’t care that the person liked the song.  The bird doesn’t care that the person gave them wonderful compliments.  The bird doesn’t care how many “likes” they got like or how many Twitter followers they have. bird3

The bird is motivated from inside.
The bird is just doing what the bird does.
He’s a bird.
And he makes songs.

Then a second person walks along and hears the bird.  This person doesn’t like the bird’s song.  This person exclaims,

“Bird! I hate your song! You woke me up this morning! Why don’t you go sing and chirp somewhere else! I can’t stand your stupid bird-song that you sing over and over again!”

The bird doesn’t care.
The bird is detached enough from the comments of the world.
The bird is still motivated from the inside and sings its little bird-heart out just as much as before.
The bird isn’t affected by the person’s comments.

bird1Example of a Bird doing his thing despite
a couple of people objecting to what he is doing

Be the Bird

So as you go and do your thing.

Some people will like it.
Some people will hate it.
But you go and do your thing because it is your path.

Sure, we care about other people.
But our motivation, our drive, we do it because it’s inside of us.
And not what other people think.

A caring bird.
But not being affected by a grouch

Now go and do your thing.
And do it the best you can.
And sing your little-bird-heart out.