LDS Single Men…dudes! We can pick it up a notch

No, not all y’all, but some o’ y’all, I wouldn’t date you either.

The Singles Gig

So I attended a big singles gig.  It was pretty good.  As usual, there’s more ladies than men at these things in my area.  Ages vary a bit, no issue there. Age happens, people have their own thoughts on ages, no problem.

When I got dressed for the afternoon non-Sunday thing, I picked out some slacks and a casual button-up shirt.  Shoes were some black casual shoes.  Everything was clean, no holes in it (other than where my head, arms and legs were supposed to go).  I took a shower, combed my hair.  Total time? Eh, probably 12 ½ minutes.  Not too fancy.  Skipped on the cologne as I figured the mixture of aromas already around in a room full of singles might ignite or something as it was.

But at the event, I’m sitting there, sure, there’s ladies abound, probably a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio.  But the guys is what caught my eye.  Sure, several guys were dressed in that similar business-casual look, but quite a few…a lot actually…were in that casual-casual look.

Whoa! Dude!

Is this what women go for these days?  Baggy, unkempt, holy (non-religious-type) shirts, frayed, or dirty, pants or cargo shorts…with camo print.  Flip flops, hair styles that bordered on Cheech & Chong were on display.

I tried not to stare, but I wanted to go up to some and say, “Dude.  Here’s a comb.  Let me go show you how it works.”  Or maybe $8 for a Target polo shirt and another $16 for some jeans.  Ya don’t have to dress like Ricky Ricardo or Remington Steel, but even without me switching teams, it was a little bit of a distraction.

Two helpful links here:

Real Men Real Style YouTube Channel

The Art of Manliness

I met a few nice ladies at the event, but I was also happy to see those men I knew before as well as meet a few new guys that I think are real stand-up guys.

This topic is certainly only the cover piece of the outer look.  How to wear it is another topic altogether.  If we can bring some of that together, then…

…we may have something to contemplate.


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